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Invisible Tea House

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In Sep. 2014, we created and opened the art work in the gallery " Mies van der Rohe Haus" operated by Bezirksamt Lichtenberg von Berlin. The building of this institution is "Landhaus Lemke", which was designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1922/33, reconstructed and utilized now. Because one of its unique aspects is expansive garden embracing the architecture, like "Vila Tugendhat" and "Farnsworth House" designed by Mies,  with the concept theme "harmony of architecture, nature and art", this gallery shows various art programs, focusing around contemporary art. After the anniversary for 125 years from Mies's birth, MoNo tried to create an installation art as one of art works in a new era program " INNEN und GEGENÜBER".

The art work MoNo made was an outbuilding tea house with contemporary design in the expansive garden full of nature. This is a device to connect "nature and space" and "oneself and others", furthermore "past and future" and "west and east". Having much respect for Mies who made the architecture integrate with the garden, this tea house, which is only 2 tatami mat size, became synchronized dramatically to nature, but it could exist as a real territory.

However its materials are daily industrial products, they  bring sheer and soft space art with subtle and profound atmosphere. This space art is so transparent, but surely it offers a quiet shelter where people can front themselves and others. Connecting to nature, with landscape ground art designed by Mr. Udo Dagenbach (landscape architect), this art tea house provided a zone for new experience in the garden " Mies ven der Rohe Haus".


installation art  "Invisible Tea House"  : Title

                                          Fumiaki Nagashima : Designer

                 Mami Maruoka Nagashima :            .

 /MoNo             .


 “Mies van der Rohe Haus” : Orgnaizer

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Bezirksamt Lichetenberg von Berlin                 

Abteilung Bildung, Kultur, Soziales und Sport                 

Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur                 

Oberseestraße 60 13053 Berlin / Germany : Site 

27. SEP. 2014 - 01. MAY. 2015 : Exhibition  : Date

: Cooperaters

 Ms. Dr. Wita Noack                                       

<Mies van der Rohe Haus>                

Mr. Udo Dagenbach                                       

<Landscape architect>                 

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          Mr. Markus Penell                                        

            < Architect and Partner O&O> 


                              Ms. Tamiko Yamashita - Gegusch      

                                         <for Maccha Tea Ceremony>

                   Ms. Tomomi Arai 

                                         < for Sencha Tea Ceremony>

Ms. Keiko Yamakawa                                   

<for making art work>                      

Mr. Tsukasa Katsuta                                    

<for making art work>                       

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