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Light and Atmosphere in the Japanese way

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MoNo carried out an exhibition of installation art in a suburb of Vienna Austria, as an official project of the 140 anniversary friendship for Japan and Austria that two countries embassies promoted. This was a part of the activities as guests of "Artist in Residense Krems" that is an artist invitation system of the State of local Lower Austria, putting by the winning with MoNo's architectural work "hanasaki-house" at the international competition "TIA Scholarship Award 2007-Daylight Spaces" that ORTE architectural network and Danube university organized. Through some lectures and the exhibition, MoNo made presentations, showing some scenes of traditional unique sense of space in contemporary Japan around a theme "Japanese original extensity" that was the keyword for MoNo's work "hanasaki-house/5LEVELS×3SPACES" as a prizewinner at the foregoing award. The exhibition of installation art was held at a showroom of VELUX-Austria, worldwide

company of building products, with the other backup from this company under the organizing by ORTE architectural network. The work expressed a space like Japanese bamboo forest, with many devices put lushly that moved softly and changed lights and atmosphere. Its important concept was to create Japanese independent expression with limiting a few industrial standard products that were handed in the world. During the exhibition period that contained Easter holiday, many people could experience the Japanese space with walking around inside of this work. It can be believed that this collaboration between the installation art of Japanese extensity and Austrian space and daylights gave a new discovery for the relationship of two countries art culture at the good timing of friendship.

                                < overview >

Organizer :                                              ORTE

Architectural network lower Austria

Site :                      Velux Austria showroom

Veluxstraße 3, 2120 Wolkersdorf

Dates:                    0. March - 20. April 2009

Opening event :                     27. March 2009, 19 :00

Supporter :                               VELUX AUSTRIA

cooperator : UNION Foundation for Ergodesign Culture