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>about this work<

This art work was for The Festival “Harmony of Flower and Table“ in Yamate of Yokohama-city JAPAN. This event has been held every June for 13 years by the cooperation of 7 city-owned historical Western style houses in this area. In this event, 7 artist-teams exhibit their own art world, under the theme of view of fresh-flower design and table decoration, treating the interior space of designated one among 7 old houses. We MoNo won the competition for this festival and was designated as the artist for one historical house “Ehrisman house”. So this art work was created as our latest one in our career of contemporary art for historical spaces.

“ Ehrisman house “ is a small Western style house which was designed as a residence for Ehrisman, Swiss trader, about 80 years ago by Antonin Raymond, an architect who is called “ a father of modern architecture in Japan ”. Now it was moved in the other site, Motomachi Park, and open as one of city-authorized historical architectures. Because this house was designed just after Raymond came to Japan, it shows the feature of design like F. L. Wright, Raymond’s teacher.

 To try under the theme of Fresh flower design and Table decoration, we had a special guest Ms. Madoka Shimazu, flower and table-decoration coordinator, and created the art work with her in collaboration. The title is “White Forest”. With a fictional story that a lot of trees surrounding Ehrisman House in the park extend into this interior space, we set two kinds flowers, one was paper art as analogy for memories of this 80s' house, and another was living plants as for people's lives in the present. This art work was perfectly a new exhibition for life style with the collaboration of space art, flesh flower and table-decoration.

<overview>                                          designer : Fumiaki Nagashima /MoNo

                 Mami Maruoka Nagashima /MoNo

                 Madoka Shimazu /M Lily

  "Harmony of Flower and Table"  Executive Committee

Ehrisman House in yamate naka-ku Yokohama JAPAN

01. - 09. June. 2013

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