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UKIGUMO - floating clouds


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> about this work <

This project was an installation art work MoNo presented as one of paticipant teams in  The 5th FESTIVAL OF LIVELY ARCHITECTURE in Montpellier France.

 The participants were 11 teams in all, 10 teams chosen in the international competition which about 170 architect teams applied, and 1 guest team.  MoNo was the only team outside Western area and also the first winner from Asia in this competition. This festival is conducted by the association CHAMP LIBRE with the cooperation of Montpellier city, the national architectural university and some local architects.  The purpose of this festival is to make the old town a gallery for a limited time and to rediscover city's dormant worthiness, setting an installation art as modern art  in  court yards of certified historical architectures in the old town. This festival could become a big topic this year, with around 7,000 visitors and with broadcast in on the French state television.               . 

  MoNo's art work "UKIGUMO - floating clouds" is developed one from the presentation theme "Japanese independent space sense" which was treated in the installation art work "Light and Atmosphere in the Japanese way" in Vienna Austria with the coordination of local architectural network in 2009. The comparison was intended in this work with placing Japanese space into Western space, because the exhibition place "Hotel Griffy", one of certified historical architectures, has an atmosphere of medieval Europe with beautiful stone columns and sculptures.  Many thin and pliant pillars stood closely as a motif of Japanese column confronting Western one, furthermore "UKIGUMO - floating clouds" was added as a device of connection between different these two worlds.  With an image came from Japanese medieval picture "Rakuchu Rakugai-zu (old Kyoto city picture)" "Tale of Genji (famous novel's picture scroll)" , non woven fabric and balloons were set over the Japanese space as a method for placing different elements in one stage.  The reason why clear color was selected in many color balloons was because it could change the color to white with time, and it means a free transfer between the medieval times and today.  

<overview> Organizer :               Association CHAMP LIBRE

Site : Hotel Griffy

             26 rue de l'aigullerie  MONTPELLIER

Dates :                           17 - 20. June 2010

Opening event :              16.June 2010, 19:30

                                        at Hotel grave