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This art was created and opened on Dec 2011 as MoNo's third work for historical architectural spaces and as the closing work for the year when suffered from unparalleled huge disaster.

The place for this work is in “Kyu-Yagishita-tei” built for a residence of Yagishita Family who flourished in trade of copper-iron from early Meiji era in Yokohama. It was reconstructed historically with the form as before in Negishi Natsukashi Park under the control of Yokohama City,

The residence is composed of 4 zones (East zone and West zone of Japanese style area, Western style zone and storehouse), showing the prosperity of the past.After certification of Yokohama historical construction, this space is opened free and used in various communication opportunities by citizens.

In such a historical space, we changed the room in the Western Style zone for Christmas art. This is MoNo’s fourth work since we started to create an installation art work in a historical rchitectural space for the Festival of Lively Architecture in France in 2010. The theme concept is “Yokohama city dressed in snow” in the days when this residence was built. Two installations, “Snow Tree” as this residence and “Snow city” as many buildings, express the scene of that period in Yokohama. 

This work whose materials were only white color had illumination device. It presented 2 scenes, in the daytime snow shined in the day light by the polyethylene foam material which could reflect, and at night that illumination of city diffused in snow by the LED system which was put inside. A snow day in December was there with silence and purity.


 Organizer :  

Negishi-Natsukashi-Park-Kyu-Yagishita-tei Management Committee

  Site :

                          Western style room in Kyu-Yagishita-tei

Negishi-Natsukashi-Park 11 Shimo-cho Isogo-ku 

Yokohama JAPAN

Dates :

                              01 - 25. DEC. 2011

 09:30 - 16:30