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Paper Tea House



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>about this work<

This is a unitary system for space which MoNo proposed to the design competition “The modern Tea House designed by architects - the smallest style for communication” held by a public foundation “The Japan Institute of Architects” for the 25th Yokohama Architectural Festival Event. This system won the competition so that it was built in 2 tatami mats space and had opened only for 4 days.

The main material is only elongated Japanese paper. Some layered roll papers enclose a space, forming fluid curved surfaces in forest of ultrafine posts. Although it is so simple system, the screen shows saintly impression with whiteness of paper, and gives interested expression with shade on wavy form. However small the space is set, it offers a sense of openness because light and atmosphere of outside exist inside, with translucency of paper and with voids on wavy form.

This system is so unitary to be built anywhere in a short time. It gives a lot of variation of space size and plan. It means that this system is useful for not only tea ceremony but also relaxed space at home, and also stage at event. It is a designed contemporary tea house system which allows many fantastic ideas.

The unitary space system “Paper Tea House”


Its image is a tea hut in a bamboo forest.

Running through bamboo,

white and soft layered curves make a space.

The border-screen between outside and inside is extremely thin.

So in this space "Paper Tea House",

we can feel ourselves who can live in nature

and face a meeting in this time with silent mind.


unitary space system "Paper Tea House": Title

                                          Fumiaki Nagashima : Designer

                 Mami Maruoka Nagashima :            .

 /MoNo             .


the 25th Yokohama Architectural Festival : Event

"The modern Tea House designed by architects           

 - the smallest style for communication”           

public foundation “The Japan Institute of Architects” : Orgnaizer 

 the concourse of Bashamich station of iMinato-Mirai-Line : Site 

Yokohama JAPAN :        

28.Feb - 03. Mar. 2014 : Exhibition Date